Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It seems that we made it through 2012 alive. Thankfully, the Mayan long count calendar's lack of support for dates greater than 21st December 2012 did not cause anyone significant harm. Since I am still alive, I thought now would be a great time to start blogging about some of the random stuff I am interested in.

To begin with, however, I'm just going to write up a short list of the things I want to achieve this year.

Do the things I want to do instead of just thinking about doing them. I have many amazing world-changing ideas that are going to make me a billionaire. The only reason I'm not currently blogging from the top of Palmer Tower, which would be built right next to Trump Tower and just slightly higher, in order to block the best views from Donald Trump's offices is that when I have good ideas, I don't try and do anything about them.
Target :  Talk to more people. Spend less time thinking about things and more time doing them. Less giving up. Less self-discouragement. Doing this will ensure I can do anything on this list.

Daily exercise. In preparation for the Saidaiji naked man festival, I need to shake off my Winter fat soon. One might imagine that fat would help keep me warm, but I figure that it's going to be more embarrassing to trot out my mostly naked white arse in the freezing cold if said arse is wobbling more than need be. I also need to make more use of that rowing machine that I bought last year in order to stay in shape in the Winter, that I haven't been using because it's too cold. DOH!
Target : No belly fat and down to overall body weight of 74kg by February. Continue exercise throughout the year.

Finally win the battle against my toe dwelling fungal nemesis. Although athlete's foot is not a particularly troublesome affliction - especially when you have a very mild case, it is bloody annoying, and extremely difficult to get rid of completely.
Target : No fungus by summer.

Finish all the Quake levels I started. I like making Quake levels. I've been doing this as a hobby for about 16 years now, and it helped me get a job in the gaming industry. However, I would like to stop eventually and concentrate on other interests such as programming. I already made some positive steps toward this aim by finishing a level I started a long time ago, and releasing another two that are part of a deathmatch to single-player remake series. However, I still have a lot more work to do, as there are four levels remaining.
Target : Release all remaining DM#RMX maps before the end of June.

Release an Android game. Game programming (for simple games) is not that difficult. I've shown to myself through various home projects in 2012 that I can do it, and I'm doing more programming at work than ever (note, I am a designer/artist normally), so I would like to focus on one simple game project and release it. Don't fuck about reinventing the wheel with tech, even though a lot can be learned this way. Just use Unity!
Target : Release a game sometime in the year.

Other targets: Study more, save more money, buy house (no evil loans), write more about what I'm doing and share things I've learned with others (this blog), do more baking.

Hopefully by writing this blog I'll also get better at writing English, which somewhat embarrassingly, is my native language :)

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