Saturday, September 13, 2014

Update to ErgServer (Formerly known as ErgAmigo)

After RowJam I was left rather unsatisfied with the state of the back end code that handled the communication with the erg and websockets connection, since it was single-threaded and connecting to the erg was a pain, and constantly having to reset it was an even bigger pain. Now I have finally managed to get the back end code working more or less the way I wanted it to.

Previously it was only possible for a single client application to connect to the websockets back end because the only way I could figure to get it working was to start the thread that updates the erg in the main server process when the client connects. Now, thanks to (what I suppose must be) correct usage of the Python multiprocessing module's Process and Queue classes, I have managed to get messages from a separate process that monitors the erg to the server process and send the messages to all connected clients. Phew! This means that the erg can stay running regardless of what clients connect or disconnect, and many clients can connect and get data from the erg at once. Whilst I don't know what I'm going to do next, this at least makes me feel a little better about it.

Although this was an unexpected headache to figure out, by modifying the websocket server code very slightly, it worked out to be quite simple in the end. I also cleaned up the code, so now I don't mind linking the GitHub repo for anyone that wants to do something with the code... pretty sure that's nobody, but what the hell?

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